Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Weather I'm so over you. I'm tired of having to wear my big coat and tall boots everyday.  Not to mention, all of them are starting to look so sad, old and just not cute anymore! I am ready for a change of weather. I seriously can't get dressed in the morning anymore. I look at my closet and lots of pretty clothes stare at me, then I check my trusty iphone for the weather and NOPE no sun & not even breaking 40 degrees! Now get this...this morning snow, this weekend snow storm....really?! I know it's only January but in my mind I'm fast forwarding into spring. SO for the remaining winter weeks, I'm aspiring to look like this..(doubtful, but a gal can wish). Plus I'll have a nice little break when I jet off to LA next weekend...yes, Yes, YES!!!!