Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dreary Sunday.....

Today I woke up to the buzzing sound of cars rushing down 2nd Avenue, their tires whisking away the water that had accumulated on the road from the early morning rain. It's such a particular sound and one I know all too well from living in New York. Before I arise from my warm covers I knew it was going to be a dreary day in New York. Reluctantly I pulled myself out of my bed and wandered to my window. Sure, enough...clouds hung low in the sky, like the lingering affect of stall cigarette smoke. Hanging in the air unwilling to budge. The worst part, is we are helpless in making the weather change and we just have to make the best of this dreary weather. The winter that is lingering and seeping into our everyday lives and has yet to slip into our past.

As long as I have the proper rain gear, I find it much easier to go out into the rain and dare I say...I actually enjoy it sometimes! Here are a few rain accessories that I love. Rain, rain go away and don't come back another day. But if you do I'll be stylishly dressed for you!

Spring showers
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Saturday, March 28, 2009


A few weeks ago, I posted about a pair of Golden Goose Boots that I have been coveting for some time now.....however, at $1,150 they are a little out of my price range. The other morning I was on my way to a photo shoot for Gilt Group and the model got in the car and I immediately gasped, "You have the Golden Goose Boots! I LOVE them!" She tilted her head and sort of looked at me like I was a little mad and then asked, "What are Golden Goose Boots?" My breath caught in my throat and my chest tightened as I tried to breath. I was now thoroughly confused. How could she not know about Golden Goose Boots, wasn't she wearing them after all?! "The boots you have on, they aren't Golden Goose?" "No", she responded, "they are Steve Madden." My mouth hung open for a bit longer than it should have and I felt faint and not because it was 7:30 am and I had already consumed way too much caffeine, but because my most coveted boots were knocked off! But wait, this now meant I could have access to them! Outfits flashed in my mind, I saw the light, had I gone to heaven? I hear myself quietly stutter, "When did you g-g-get these b-b-boots?" She replied, "Last week." Holy greatness, they will be mine, mine, MINE!!!

Golden Goose Boots.......

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Steve Madden Boots..... (wear them for a few weeks and they'll be just as distressed as the Golden Goose Boots).

{Image from Steve Madden}

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Boots......

On my way to the subway this morning I cursed the damned cold air with each step I took. The day before I was in my boyfriend jeans, cute flats and a sweater, however I was freezing the whole day! I just can't wrap my head around the fact that it's still cold! I'm in complete and utter denial. This morning I was determined not to be an icicle for a second day in a row, however when I looked up at my closet it made me dreary.....the same old question popped into my mind..."What do I wear"?! I dragged down my tired brown flat boots and looked at them sadly. It is March 24 and yet again I have to pull on these boots! But I just couldn't bear the thought of not wearing socks and freezing again! So with only minutes to spare, I put together a quick outfit of equestrian pants, flat tall boots and an old Donna Karan wrap blouse....I threw on my trusted Helmet Lang fleece lined trench(the only semi spring piece to my outfit today) and was off. But as I passed my mirror, I still felt sad...hence way I cursed the 7:00 am air as it brisked my face. Spring where art thou???

Ideas to freshen up your spring boots.....even when it gets a little warmer I'm all about the spring boot. These are a few of my favorites!

Transition into Spring
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Perfectly Pulled Together....

I love this look and think it is perfectly put together. I'm a huge fan of the harem pant! There is something very sexy about it when worn with heels. I also love the way this woman has worn her white blouse with the belt around her waist. I adore the play with the white and beige shoe. It's the perfect shoe, half oxford and half peep toe with cute cut-outs on the side. This is definitely going on my inspiration board!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sweet Omelle....Spring 09

I am obsessed with Omelle shoes. I love their whimsical designs, perfectly suited for your eccentric sophisticate. These shoes are perfect for someone who is looking for luxury and wants to set herself apart from the crowd. Omelle is a fresh, sophisticated and whimsical perspective on luxury shoes. I am officially obsessed and you should be too.

Omelle Spring 09
Omelle Spring 09 - by Classic Twist on

Feeling Green....

{Image from trunk archive}

I hope you wore something green and stunning today.....
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

California Dreaming.....

I would live in this outfit everyday!

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I love, love these Golden Goose boots....Oh so cute, where have these boots been my whole life?? Aw, yes...I am here in California day dreaming throughout my day....


I have a confession to make...I have been a fashion lover for as long as I can remember (not my confession), maybe since my first pair of crochet pink and white booties were placed on my tiny feet. I have followed trends, some good and some that I can honestly say I'd rather forget (did I really wear two socks, contrasting the colors-yes, pink & green, scrunchy-perfectly hot pink adorned my long blonde hair...umm..and my 6th grade boyfriend's starter jacket draping off my shoulders only held up with my elbows..oh boy don't judge me, trust me I was "cool"). Through all the fashion trends and styles that have come and gone..I feel I can finally make this one true confession, are you ready for it??

Deep breath, here it is...I am a hippie. Yes, it's true! I'm from California, my parents were hippies, I have hippie roots, I lived in San Francisco..on Haight Street for GOD SAKE..I can no longer hide this, it is the TRUTH...I'm a hippie in designer clothing living in NYC! Now that this confession is made I can get on with what I am coveting at this exact moment....FRINGE! Yes, my friends...I'm an undercover hippie and coveting all the fringe I'm seeing for spring. Now you may call this bohemian but I'm not going to sugar coat this trend with fashion is what it is, HIPPIE...and I'm free-loving my way into spring with all the fringe I can get my hands on! I may even add in a tiered floral dress and cool long necklaces, I'll complete my look with a headband worn over my forehead and that my friends is how I'm going to scoot my way into this spring!

{Image from the ugly earring}

I love the idea of pairing these bags with jean shorts and a romantic blouse.

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My most coveted fringe adorned on shoes!

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