Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wine Country, Here I Come!

I'm off to Northern California to visit my family for the next week. I am really looking forward to the warmer weather of California even though it is suppose to rain the majority of the's ok, I'll take the rain over the bitter cold of NYC! Now I just have to figure out what to pack!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lego Art....Brilliant.

I Lego NY by Christoph Niemann. A couple of my favorites......

mages from NY Times}

Bake me a cake...or cookies...

I have some time on my hands now that I'm in a career transition which has given me the opportunity to try out a few things that I've always wanted to venture into but never had the time to do before now! For me, baking is one of the things that always fascinated me. For the past few months I've tried my hand at baking and found out a couple of things...It's not as hard as I thought and I really enjoy it!

This past weekend was Charles birthday and after hearing him talk about his favorite no-bake cookie for some time I decided to give it a try. Now, I know there is no actual "baking" in this recipe but these cookies really intimidated me! I read many forums on-line about how making this cookie can be a complete disaster. I was distraught at the thought of trying and failing to make this cookie! What if they were a complete disaster?!

Charles was just back from a business trip on Friday and started to ask about the cookies...was I going to make them? I had planned on making them but my fear of failing was at a high point. But they were his favorite cookie and so I bought the ingredients and decided to make them Saturday evening.

I followed the directions listed on the recipe and read numerous forums on how to get the timing just right on these bad boy cookies. I set out all my ingredients and started baking. ...and guess what...they turned out fantastic! I didn't have anything to fear after all, I made the cookies and they were great!!
Happy Birthday Charles!

A Couple of Tips

For all you non-bakers or novice bakers give this recipe a try...No bake cookies
Here are two helpful tips that worked for me:
1. Lay all your ingredients out before you start boiling your butter, coco, milk and sugar mix.
2. Wait to start timing your boil, until the mix is at a rapid boil. Once it's at a rapid boil, boil mix for 1 minute and then remove from the heat and add the remaining ingredients.

And lastly work quickly!

Good Luck!!!

Retro Cool.....

I love this photo!
There is something very sexy, yet innocent about this piece of photography. I have been taken aback by She hit Pause Studio, since I first ran into them at the Young Designers Market in NYC. Photographer, Matt Schwartz and Kate Shawver of She hit Pause Studio create works of art from polaroids using a special technique
that gives them a vintage look. This photo has just the right amount of retro and modern to be the perfect update for any home.

I heart She hit Pause Studio!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

What I wore.....

Out to dinner....trying to stay warm...although I was only walking a few blocks I still stayed warm!

Spain market....



Oh my...Color!

Charles captured this picture while in Spain this past week. Yes, I know...believe me I wanted to go...but found out too late about the!
I love this picture! I am in awe of the way the colors come together in harmony. It's so inspirational to see all this fresh fruit, brightly colored and natural. I just want to be transported to this market!

Effortlessly Chic.

Giovanna Battaglia is my style inspiration. Always put together, confident and chic. What more could you want?
{Image from Sartorialist}

Friday, February 13, 2009

Back on My Feet.....

Hello All-
I came down with a bad cold this past week and just couldn't get my creative juices going in my complete haze of sickness....however, I am feeling better and back on my feet, YAY!!

I wore this outfit for a morning meeting today.....I love this particular outfit for a few reasons. It's simple, yet stylish and so easy to throw on and go. A little secret about this look...the entire outfit has been purchased at vintage stores! I love when this happens...anyone that antiques and shops vintage stores can understand my pride in this feat.

The skirt is an Akris Navy Cashmere Skirt, which I found at a charity thrift store on the UES. This high waist skirt is so classic and flattering. Blouse and Oxfords are from my all time favorite Brooklyn thrift shop, Beacon's Closet. If you have not been, go immediately. It is AMAZING! I have yet to walk away from this gem without finding something (or 3 to 4 pieces to come home with me)......Necklace and earrings are from Pippin Vintage Jewelry. Also one of my most coveted places for vintage jewelery. Sprint to this's a must see!

On another note...behind me is my new couch! It arrived 3 weeks early (again, thanks recession)! We love it. It's the perfect textured granite gray color. Perfectly classy and goes with our Art Deco theme!

On my way back from my meeting I stopped by the Union Square Green Market and stumbled upon this find....perfect new addition to my kitchen and I talked the guy down to $15!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Spring Thoughts...

I'm so excited it's suppose to be 46 degrees tomorrow and 50 on Sunday!!! I know that's not that warm but for us it's a huge improvement from the frigid weather we've been having here in New York. Whenever we get these little breaks I instantly go into Spring are some of my thoughts today...

First, I'm a huge fan of the boyfriend blazer. The blazer instantly pulls together a complete look. I love the idea of branching out from the classic black or navy blazer and mixing in this mushroom color by Elizabeth and James. The color is fresh and the perfect transition from winter to spring.

Secondly, I love the idea of mixing it with these Dolce Vita flats!! I'm a huge fan of these flats! They are a perfect mix of coverage and how could you not adore the color? Great for Spring....

Oh Spring I wish you would come soon.....winter I don't like you anymore.

{Images from Otte and shopbop

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twisted Aviator...That's Fresh!

I'm loving this look!!! It's a fresh twist on our trusted aviator. A little geeky...but isn't it time we all find our inner geek? These are just too perfect to pass up and I'm predicting we'll be seeking more of this right on and a must have! All the more reason to hold off on lasik...thank you recession, you actually helped me out here! Here's looking at you, my dear aviator glasses...I'm sold!!

{Image from}

Monday, February 2, 2009

To Have and to Hold....

I am completely and utterly enchanted by this picture! Every bit of detail is so precise and elegant. The contrasting dark sash against the white dress is so captivating and the perfect detail to set the dress apart from the crowd. I love, love, love the birdcage veil!! There is just something classic yet mystical about this whole look that makes me swoon. Her red lipstick and diamond necklace are the perfect touches that pull this glamorous look together. This will surely be an image that I will use for inspiration on my wedding day. It is the perfect combination between traditional yet modern and so uber-chic.

{Image from Unveiled Bridal Designs}

Happy Monday....

Hope everyone is well rested just like, to be a kitten is cheer bliss...sigh

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oh Sweet Bootie of Mine......

One word for these booties....AMAZING!!!
When I first laid eyes on these booties I started to hyperventilate and fell off my chair they are so divine! The cut outs and peep toe show just enough skin to make them so sexy...yet they have an edge with a buckle wrapped around your ankle! I absolutely LOVE the way the leather wraps up the front of your foot coming to a higher point of the ankle and lower in the back! I am dreaming about all the outfits I can wear with these bad boy booties while I slowly pull myself back up on my chair....breathe, breathe...these must be mine, mine...Oh Sweet Bootie of mine!!!

Tashkent bootie, OTTE NY, NY