Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sometimes you just need a break.

We've all been there....where you hit (or slam) into a wall and a little break is needed. Well that's just what happened to me these past few weeks. I lost my creativity, my motivation and just needed a break to work out what was going on in my life. I did a lot of self-reflecting and thinking about what my next moves will be and what I ultimately want in life. Did I figure it out....nope (but I do feel like I gained some insight and a slight push in the right direction). With encouragement from friends I am back on track and feel I have regained my creativity and motivation (oh how I missed you)! And as for my little blog, I AM BACK BABY (I missed you too!!!)

That's all folks....until next time (I promise it won't be long)......


  1. Hello Laura! we've all been there & I think a lot of introspection & self-reflection really helps us to know who we are & rekindle that creativity. so glad u've got it back!

    thanks btw for checking out my blog. My daughter, Noelle, says thank you! :)

  2. Everyone needs a break from time to time! As my husband always says even the airlines tell us to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first!

  3. Glad your battery is recharged!!


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