Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year.

I have never been one for setting New Year Resolutions, however I do like to set goals. I know, you're thinking aren't they the same thing? For some odd reason, when I set goals I tend to keep and follow-through on them. Resolutions I'll set and then they are history a few weeks later.
For 2010, I have long a list of goals ahead of me. Especially leaving 2009 in the dust and welcoming a new year & decade.

Here are a few I'd like to share:

1. Blog at least 3 times a week (I was so good at this last year) .
2. Invest in a better camera.
3. Learn about one of my passions: photography.
4. Bake a new recipe at least once a month.
5. Make an effort to keep in touch with my friends & network.
6. Smile every day.
7. Read a book a month.
8. Bid & land another freelance gig.
9. Save money.
10. Do pilates at least three times a week.
11. Walk daily.
12. Drink water everyday (bye, bye diet coke).
13. Volunteer at least once a month.
14. Read the news daily.
15. Focus on being positive everyday of the week.

I think that's enough for now.

I leave you with this lovely image....(maybe this will be me in the next few months?)!


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