Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jewelry storage.

I store my jewelry in vintage trays on my dresser. I can visually see my outfits come together when I have my jewelry laid out. Perfect for keeping bangles, bracelets, watches and earrings neatly separated.

I found these vintage bowls on Etsy and think they'd be a perfect addition to any dresser to display jewelry.

{Available here & here}

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  1. AGHHH I wish I could do that!!! But it reaaaaaally doesn't go with the decoration I have right now which seems to be extremely minimalist. There is NOTHING on teh top of my bf's drawers [dresser] and I have some tiny mirrors and a scent burner and one more thingy to put my headbands and that's it! It looks rather empty to me, but compared to his...cluttered!!

    ps: Sorry for the ultra long post that's just completely non-related :P I love those antique dishes!


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