Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wishing for a little zen.

Living in NYC, I have found myself getting very anxious and wanting the quiet peacefulness of a little zen place. It wouldn't have to be anything big or grand. Just a quiet place I could go and enjoy being outside. Somewhere I could fix up and then walk outside and sit, just sit and listen to the birds while I enjoy a cup of coffee. Right now, this is far from the case. I sit at a desk, have my coffee against the rhythmic sounds of car horns, large trucks barreling down 2nd Avenue, dogs barking, children screaming (adults screaming too), power tools working and every once in a while a bird chirps (not too often). You get used to this symphony of sounds. Pretty soon you can sleep through anything, I hardly notice when a car horn goes off, it has become the backdrop of my life.

*Sigh* I am anxious now. I want a little garden in my backyard. I want to have coffee and hear the birds chirp again...oh some day soon.

When I have my outdoor space I want to adorn, decorate and design it....


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  1. oh i know what you mean...but actually i love the city sounds. it's more my flavor :)


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