Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blogger sin.

I committed a blogger sin. I went away on a little vaca and didn't let you all know I was going to be gone....I thought about and knew I needed to write, but then the days just slipped away. So you're probably wondering were I scooted off to...well, I got on a jet plane and went to Hawaii. One of my very good friends married her love this past weekend and I had the honor of being in the wedding. The wedding was a lovely Hawaiian affair. Each and everyday was filled with many activities, from snorkeling, laying on the beach (most strenuous of course), watching the waves, hiking to the tops of mountains, wedding stuff (rehearsal, dinner, wedding, BBQ), pearl harbor and more of the beach! Charles and I literally got up every morning by 7 am and we were off on another adventure! It was a well needed getaway, as this year has proved to be a little rough...And now I'm back to NYC and all it's wonderfulness (meaning being woken up by trucks barreling down my street at 5am-yes, I can't wait to move apartments)!!

Regular blogging will continue from here on out...I promise, no more unannounced vacations for me!



  1. I wish I could hop on a plan and head over to Hawaii.

  2. Glad your back safely! Can't wait to see more pictures of Hawaii! And hear more about it~


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