Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twisted Aviator...That's Fresh!

I'm loving this look!!! It's a fresh twist on our trusted aviator. A little geeky...but isn't it time we all find our inner geek? These are just too perfect to pass up and I'm predicting we'll be seeking more of this soon....so right on and a must have! All the more reason to hold off on lasik...thank you recession, you actually helped me out here! Here's looking at you, my dear aviator glasses...I'm sold!!

{Image from Refinery29.com}


  1. omg - i just told my sis to totally get regular non-sunglass aviators... i was kind of kidding, but then i always try to get my sis to do weird stuff before i actually take the plunge... i'm tempted!

  2. Just do it!! I think this look is so chic!! I'm totally getting a pair...I LOVE it


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