Saturday, March 28, 2009


A few weeks ago, I posted about a pair of Golden Goose Boots that I have been coveting for some time now.....however, at $1,150 they are a little out of my price range. The other morning I was on my way to a photo shoot for Gilt Group and the model got in the car and I immediately gasped, "You have the Golden Goose Boots! I LOVE them!" She tilted her head and sort of looked at me like I was a little mad and then asked, "What are Golden Goose Boots?" My breath caught in my throat and my chest tightened as I tried to breath. I was now thoroughly confused. How could she not know about Golden Goose Boots, wasn't she wearing them after all?! "The boots you have on, they aren't Golden Goose?" "No", she responded, "they are Steve Madden." My mouth hung open for a bit longer than it should have and I felt faint and not because it was 7:30 am and I had already consumed way too much caffeine, but because my most coveted boots were knocked off! But wait, this now meant I could have access to them! Outfits flashed in my mind, I saw the light, had I gone to heaven? I hear myself quietly stutter, "When did you g-g-get these b-b-boots?" She replied, "Last week." Holy greatness, they will be mine, mine, MINE!!!

Golden Goose Boots.......

{Image from}

Steve Madden Boots..... (wear them for a few weeks and they'll be just as distressed as the Golden Goose Boots).

{Image from Steve Madden}


  1. Just walk into any boot store in Houston and you could find ten pairs that look the same :)

  2. Seriously, you are right about the distressing...just pray for 1 more day of snow because the salt from the plow trucks give boots a white sheen.

  3. Oh I know...right?! Seriously, with this lingering weather I wouldn't be surprised if we got another snow! But if I have these boots I'm all about it....

  4. These boots are adorable! How comfortable are they and what is the price dif with Steve Maddens, do you know?

  5. Hi! The golden goose boots are $1150 and Steve Madden are $150....$1000 difference is huge. And you can distress them yourself. I haven't gotten them yet, but I heard from the girl I spotted them on that they are very comfy :)


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