Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I have a confession to make...I have been a fashion lover for as long as I can remember (not my confession), maybe since my first pair of crochet pink and white booties were placed on my tiny feet. I have followed trends, some good and some that I can honestly say I'd rather forget (did I really wear two socks, contrasting the colors-yes, pink & green, scrunchy-perfectly hot pink adorned my long blonde hair...umm..and my 6th grade boyfriend's starter jacket draping off my shoulders only held up with my elbows..oh boy don't judge me, trust me I was "cool"). Through all the fashion trends and styles that have come and gone..I feel I can finally make this one true confession, are you ready for it??

Deep breath, here it is...I am a hippie. Yes, it's true! I'm from California, my parents were hippies, I have hippie roots, I lived in San Francisco..on Haight Street for GOD SAKE..I can no longer hide this, it is the TRUTH...I'm a hippie in designer clothing living in NYC! Now that this confession is made I can get on with what I am coveting at this exact moment....FRINGE! Yes, my friends...I'm an undercover hippie and coveting all the fringe I'm seeing for spring. Now you may call this bohemian but I'm not going to sugar coat this trend with fashion slang...it is what it is, HIPPIE...and I'm free-loving my way into spring with all the fringe I can get my hands on! I may even add in a tiered floral dress and cool long necklaces, I'll complete my look with a headband worn over my forehead and that my friends is how I'm going to scoot my way into this spring!

{Image from the ugly earring}

I love the idea of pairing these bags with jean shorts and a romantic blouse.

{Image from shopbop.com}

My most coveted fringe adorned on shoes!

{Image from Shopbop.com}


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  2. I am a also a hippie and I crave fringe ankle boots!

  3. I personally like the word 'bohemian' better.
    This look is great, tassley, fringey, hangy style, goes great with worn in jeans or a swaying blouse. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl! I love you long lost Cali Woman, you are hip, this is true!!! :)

  4. Thanks EM :)
    And ok, ok...we can call it bohemian!


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