Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fashion + interactive video = Fashionair

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This is going to be big...I mean B-I-G, BIG!

All you fashionista's hold on, this newly, not even launched website, is going to blow all the other websites out of the water. I can feel it....this is going to be a new way of viewing fashion. It's interactive, entertaining and personal. Oh I can't wait!

This interactive fashion entertainment website is brought to you by net-a-porter alum, Sojin Lee and British music mogul, Simon Fuller. Fashionair is a combination of fashion entertainment, style secrets from industry professionals and designer profiles. The best part, it's interactive. It allows the viewer to create mood boards and personal style files, showing off their own unique looks.

Can it get better than this?!


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  1. will probably ideal name for this website.


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