Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

My Dears.....

Happy Earth Day

A few thinks that have caught my eyes as we thank mother earth on this special day.....

Great tips from Ideal Bite.

Do carry a cute eco-friendly tote....and customize it too (oh, and if you need some enticement they were featured on US Weekly. There you have it...I'm really not the only one that thinks they are hip and oh so cute).

Love yo mama!

Do brown bag it, but get rid of the brown bag for a chic sandwich bag.

If you must buy coffee on the go, say good-bye to that starbuck's sleeve....when you slip this cable knit sleeve around your coffee. I haven't seen a more more stylish way to take coffee to go.

Yes, you should be drinking water everyday. No you shouldn't buy plastic water bottles everyday! Get smart, save money, be kind to the earth and carry a reusable water bottle!

Where'd you get your jacket? Here! Yes, I did and you should too.

Snuggle into bed with these sheets...they are simply divine.

Be curious, go to the links and explore. There is so much more we can do for our earth so get to it...NOW!


  1. Aww look at us - we are so spot on! :)

    Don't you love the craft pantry totes? One of my friends ordered the Bug in Sepia tote, so cute.

    Hope you have a good day!

  2. This day has been such a suprising inspiration for the fashion world. I honestly expected it to drift quietly by - but no, it got everyone writing and doing something.


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