Friday, April 24, 2009

Weekend & beyond.....

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It appears we have crossed the hurtle of April showers and are quickly moving towards those coveted May flowers. How glorious is this feeling? For some odd reason, winter clung to us this year, inhibiting and burrowing into our inner soles. I feel it in my bones as I peer outside and wonder, could it really be, that spring is here? Can I finally shake the feeling, that this weather is just a tease? I consistently feel that the weather is playing a bad joke on me, riveting a deep down, roaring laugh as he takes the switch and gives us another shot of cold. So you can see why I am always on my toes and weary that this is not the end. Not that the weather has any regard for how I feel, oh I wish it did...I would have told the weather to scoot away months ago, but that's not the case here. I clutch my jacket closely, it's my security blanket and has been for the past 7 months. Today, my palms ache, sticky and wet, I shutter as I think about putting my jacket down, but when I do I feel tremendous joy. In the closet my jacket goes, for today and the weekend. Just a tease? No, my friends getting over the hurtle is the hardest part and I do believe that we are coming through, I see a sunny day and the weekend before us brings much hope. Put away your jacket, throw on that summer dress and frolic in the sun. After all, I think the joke is done.

Have a lovely sunny weekend.


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